MELA Featured on Corporate Review

MELA Sciences was featured on Corporate Review in November 2014 to discuss the impacts skin cancer and benefits of early detection.

MelaFind Featured on News Channel 5

MelaFind is featured on News Channel 5 as they report on Cleveland Clinic’s use of the device to capture additional information about atypical moles

What is Melanoma?

Personal stories. Melanoma survivors and doctors talk about the prevalence, warning signs, and what can be done to detect melanoma at its most curable stage

MelaFind® Hand-Held Cross Section

Light of 10 varying wavelengths shines from MelaFind® to acquire data from clinically atypical pigmented skin lesions.

From Melanocyte to Melanoma

The epidemiology and etiology of Melanoma

Side-By-Side Lesions

What is visible to the naked eye is very different than what can be found beneath the surface.